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An Analysis of Educational Programs offered by way of Certification in the Area of Information Technology
- A Proposal for an Independent Study under Prof. Jean-Pierre Kuilboer
- Arvind Sathyamoorthy
This study is aimed comparing and contrasting educational certification available in the areas of computer hardware and software, like the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE), Cisco International Troubleshooting for Routers and many simliar programs. The study intends to look into these opportunities and also to provide material for a publication at a later date. The mode of collecting data for this study will be mainly through the Internet and also through mailing requests to various information technology companies and educational establishments for information on the certification programs they conduct.

Some of the areas that this study would look into include :-
- Duration of such courses.
- Areas in which the study is available.
- Cost of such education.
- Benefits to vendors, employers and employees.
- Pitfalls arising through this mode of education.
- The various modes of education available to a prospective student, in terms of classroom (both through universities and  otherwise), computer based training, self learning,  seminars etc.
- The need and frequency for re-training.

Analysis of the data so collected would be done through comparison and also through the use of statistical techniques. The study would go on to provide a draft and data for a paper to be published at a later stage and would also provide data for similar projects and studies in the future.