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    My family consists of my parents, my brother and me. My dad, Mr. S. Sathyamoorthy was born in 1944 and he works for the Govt. of India as the Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture. My mom, named Hema Sathyamoorthy was born in 1947 and she also works for the Govt. of India as a News Reader with All India Radio. They are both based in New Delhi, though we originate from South India.

    My brother Sriram is currently based in Los Angeles and he is working there. He did his under graduation from Indian Institute of Technology and he graduated from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles. And as for me you already know.

    My extended family consists of my grandparents, two pairs of aunts and uncles on my maternal side and three on my paternal side and 8 cousins in total.

    My  paternal  grandparents Mr. P. A. Srinivasan and Mrs. Namagiri Srinivasan are based in Madras. My maternal grandparents are also based there. My maternal grandfather Dr. K. S. Sampath is really close to me and we've shared many a things together at many a time. My maternal grad mom is also very close to me and she's the coolest grandmom you could have.

    On my maternal side, I have a couple of uncles and aunts , all based in Madras. Dr. K. S. Vijayaraghavan (my mom's brother), who takes after his father as a doctor and his wife Mrs. Radha Vijayaraghavan and their kids Ranjani and Ramya, and my mom's sister Mrs. Aruna Muralidharan and her husband Mr. V. Muralidharan along with their daughter all stay in Madras.

    Similarly on my paternal side all my uncles and aunts are based in Madras. My dad's brother family includes him Mr. Aravamudhan, his wife  Mrs. Mythili Aravamudhan, whose kids Vijayaraghavan (based at Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA) and Krishna. My dad has two sisters. The elder one Mrs. Choodamani Sundararajan and her husband Mr. Sundararajan. They too have two kids, both of whom are in the US. The elder one a daughter  Sujatha Venkat is married to Venkat and both of them are based at Temple/Austin, Texas, USA. Their son Srikanth is currently working in San Fransisco, USA. The last of my uncles and aunts are my dad's sister Mrs. Senbagalakshmi Uppuliappan and her husband Mr. S. Uppuliappan who are also in Madras with their daughter Vanitha.

    Well of course, other than these I got tons of cousins, uncles and aunts and I better not forget to mention Vishnupriya, one of my second cousin, who's my closest cousin, closer than any of my first cousins and we both are real close as cousins and great friends too.


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