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Business Concept:

Stock Trading System

The idea behind the stock trading system is to develop an engine, which will be deployed on the web. This engine will connect brokers to their clients. Multiple brokers could be connected to their individual clients through this engine. We can customize parts of this engine to a specific broker’s requirements (optional).

This engine will allow the broker’s clients to place orders over the Internet, which we would, essentially route to different brokers either to their offices and/or directly to their seats on the stock exchanges depending on what is possible. The system could itself perform a large number of validations in the order, which could include the amount of money on the client’s account, margin balances required, checks for a stock price hitting , going over or under the circuit breaker etc.

Other than the basic trading engine, which would help link the brokers to their clients, we could also incorporate value-added features, which could include: -

Further, we could also integrate other services like Another area would be to send out alerts to an investor through: -

Further, we can port this engine across different brokers not only inside India but also across the world; also this engine could be ported into commodity exchanges and foreign exchange markets by simply incorporating the required business rules.

The present idea is to develop a country and market specific .com portal, but the long-term outlook would be to develop a .com international portal from where we could link out to the different countries and markets where we could port this product.

Business Outline