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The Next Generation in Securities Trade Information Management

The Internet's open architecture, universal accessibility and world-wide acceptance make it an increasingly important environment for business-to-business and business-to-consumer interaction. Use of the Internet is rapidly expanding from simple information publishing, messaging, and data gathering to critical business transactions and confidential communications. For many industries, the Internet is connecting previously disconnected business processes and allowing companies to automate workflows, lower distribution costs and extend their market reach.

The challenge for building a connected world in Securities Trade is dealing with the mission-critical nature of Trade transactions, the lack of data standardization, and concerns over security and privacy of information. Solutions need to scale to the potential of millions of simultaneous users, they must be available without fail, 24 hours a day, and they must respond quickly to the demands of fast-moving professionals. Most importantly, customers must be able to feel absolutely confident about the sanctity of their personal information.

To address these issues, we will develop a highly-secure, scaleable Internet-based platform that supports high-volume mission-critical transactions, and integrates widely-distributed applications and data, using a modular, tiered, CORBA-based architecture. By connecting (the various players involved), information is easily obtained and synchronized across delivery systems and communities. This synchronization enables customers to efficiently manage workflows, drive out duplication of effort, and improve overall quality.

Using the open standard of the Internet and a ubiquitous "thin client" browser interface, Securities Trade Inc. is able to reduce the cost of creating and deploying its solutions. Delivery is fast and inexpensive compared with traditional legacy approaches and proprietary networks because these Internet-based trade solutions are provided as a service, eliminating the need for expensive investment in hardware and software.

Our Platform

Our Platform will be a multi-tier, CORBA-based distributed application framework that allows reliable, simultaneous access by large numbers of users. It provides an open-architecture, object-oriented, middleware environment that allows the easy development of applications and integration of disparate applications and data, based on industry-standard interfaces. Within this framework, the company will develop a rich set of tools and services which provide integrated security, workflow management, a rules engine, fault tolerance, scalability, manageability and data exchange. The Platform is designed to support any user interface or device, including browsers and interactive voice response (IVR) telephony, through a variety of networking technologies, including the Internet, virtual private networks, intranets and extranets, dial-up and dedicated lines. Data exchange occurs with legacy systems and databases through an interface engine based on industry-standard interfaces and communications protocols.


Underlying every aspect of the solution is comprehensive security management, using a combination of security methodologies to provide multiple lines of defense. These include:-


Our  platform utilizes CORBA-based middleware, which enables a highly scalable distributed applications infrastructure. The platform enables an application to run simultaneously on multiple host systems, allowing for large numbers of simultaneous users while at the same time optimizing network performance and resource utilization. In addition, the Securities Trade, Inc. Platform has been designed to transparently deploy new services and hardware while existing applications remain operational. Finally, the Securities Trade, Inc. Platform reduces communications bottlenecks resulting from limited numbers of connections to database servers through intelligent management of database connections and object caches, which reduce the need to query database servers for frequently used data.

Rapid Application Development and Integration

The platform is designed to enable rapid application development and integration. The platform supports object-oriented programming, which accelerates the design process through object reuse. The company will maintain a comprehensive set of object libraries, called core services, that allows developers to rapidly build complex applications. By providing common services, such as security and workflow through re-usable objects, and by separating the business object layer from presentation and data services layers in a multi-tier architecture, developers can focus their efforts on core business logic and speed development of new applications, and more rapidly integrate with third-party applications and legacy systems.

The platform is also designed for deploying applications developed by third parties with relative ease. The platform interfaces with legacy systems by accepting industry standard electronic data interchange formats.

Business Outline