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This page is still under construction. More pictures coming soon. And there is a lot of stuff to add to it.
No idea how old i was in this picture. Must have been 1 or 2. And the quiet myself.

That's me and my mom. I must be somewhere around 6 years. The lake on the background is the Batkal Lake (near New Delhi), India.
That's the monkey in me when I was about 16. I bet you can you are wondering how I climbed up there..
That is a recent picture of me taken in October, 1997, after I came to the US, when I went on a one day trip with my room-mates to New Hampshire.
This is a high school pic, having me and all my buds, just before we finished school (March 1992). Left to Right : Sriram, Srikanth, Srinivasan, Pashupathy, Giridhar, Chidambaram, Arvind, Ramasubramanian and Anand
Another pic from the New Hampshire trip. That's the Bretton Woods Hotel (Where the World Bank was formed) in the back ground.
That's me and I know that I  looksreally,  really funny in this picture. This picture was taken way back in 1994.
That's my parents at Sim's Park, Ooty, India. Great people at a great place. This was taken in April 1997, a  few months before I left India.
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