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This room in my home connects you to some of my closest friends who have web homes.
Aman Dhaliwal (Dr Taken) Anil (Confusion Master)
Anil (CM)'s New Page Anjali (Anj_i)
Arunprasad Ashley (Lacegirl20)
Astana Avinash
Bhuvaneshwari (Swa97) Arun(Ketchup Cat)
Joshna (Simmi) Jemmygirl
Kelly the other Bob(Airgo_k) Mal's Baseball Room
Mehul Parekh (Rahuldravid) Mudit (THE MUD)
Nehali Niki
Nirav Dalal Nivi  (Cherry 420)
Omer (Omer_AA) Oshala's (Star Fire)
Prabhu Trivedi (Dev) Prateek (Taurus King)
Preethi (Mystii) Rajiv (Ace One)
Ravi Chopra (Chopir) Roz-Laila's (Laila)
SaoLaoNoy17 Sheeba (Lace)
Shrikar Sonali (Tulips)
Srinath (Vijayaraghavan) Sumit Gosalia (Sumit_1221)
Tabbasum98 Toongi (Zzket)
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